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Sylvia by Edenized
★ Name: Sylvia Yamaguchi
★ Age: 46
★ Gender: ♀
★ Date of Birth: 1st November
★ Star Sign: Scorpio
★ Blood Type: A
★ Height: 168cm
★ Homeroom: 3A
★ Likes: Good books, peace & quiet, knitting & embroidery, going to shooting range to train her eyesight, polishing her guns, classical music, cleanliness (but will get down and dirty if she has to.)
★ Dislikes: Undisciplined, no mannered & crude people, tardiness,
★ Personality: Conservative but is pretty open with a lot of things, STRICT, motherly, patient & tolerant, fussy about details, can be very picky with certain things like clothes and food, headstrong and determined.
★ Biography: A German mother and a Japanese father, Sylvia takes her father's side and resides in Japan in most of her childhood. Her father was a professor from a university and her mother was a stay at home wife. Always spent her time with her father, watching him research about the subjects he taught, observing him writing his reports. He taught natural sciences before he retired.

After graduating with a teacher's degree (she took astrology she's more interested in the study of the stars), she got married to a very wealthy man. Both had a daughter. Unfortunately her marriage did not last as her husband had found someone new and left. After the divorce, she has to take care of her parents and her daughter. One night, her daughter disappeared. Alas, she was found but not breathing. Leading Sylvia to distraught, she was unable to teach for a long time until her cousin told her about Hoshizora High because he sent his son there before. Finally, Sylvia gets back on her feet and tries to rekindle that love of teaching and sharing knowledge with others.
Love-Sandwich: MIKA by Edenized
Love-Sandwich: MIKA
pick up line:  Let me warm that seat up for you honey to make sure your BUNS nice and TOASTY

name: Mika

bread: Pineapple Bun

topping: Red Bean Filling

birthday: July 7th

age: 23

height: 6"4

gender: Male

what you look for in your fellow bread: 

- sweet just like him hoho
- Little pastry breads like danishes
- wheat breads are a-okkkk
- salty breads too maybe....

-if you're sour type no sorry--
- eventhough he likes sweet things he can't handle chocolate very well.


- grooming himself
- loose shirts and skinny jeans /winkwonk
- hair treatments
- short girls //snort
- himself cos he's secretly vain
- shiny things
- shopping
- tiny animals 


- nuts. Grains are fine but nuts man
- Loud noises
- Chocolate
- Closed toed shoes cos he feels restrained that way
- chipping a nail. That's a crime
- Clashing clothing style. He prefers minimalism style.
- insects


- thinks he's a supermodel and can be quite vain if you take notice of his looks.
- always very apathetic. He responds very slowly
- Sarcastic at times just to tease you
- He can be quite dramatic if you push his buttons
- very tolerant with people
- He sometimes likes seeing people in pain but if you're his friend he's loyal forever u v u//
- Would like someone tiny that he can hold hehehehhhh
- acts like he doesn't care but he's very sensitive

addition info: 

- He has a tattoo somewhere on his body
- He's quite messy and lazy don't let his looks fool you


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